Print Technology


The labels are made of Polypropylene (PP) and moulded integrally to the tub or lid. IML for injection moulding means that the decoration of the product takes place in the mould, produced in one step




The IML must be designed in accordance with provided cutter guidelines, and to scale 1:1. All files must be returned to Toppac as PDF in curved format, either by mail or WeTransfer. Transcript of the color separation and color specifications including indication of Pantone references must be included. Once the design is cleared by the printer, Toppac will send a final confirmation for approval before final press. Any text corrections must be delivered clearly described.




IML can be made with up to 6 colors. CMYK and Pantone colors must be used. Colors may differ marginally from the colors specified. Toppac can provide samples for review before a new design is initiated.



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•   Environmentally friendly –

100% recyclable material
•   Hygienic
•   Has lower production time and

lower production cost
•   Photo quality printing (high resolution printing)
•   No post labelling step necessary
•   Allows quick design corrections and changeovers



•   50% side label
•   90% side label
•   100% side label
•   Double-sided print
•   Bottom label
•   Top label (lid)



•   EUH (60 µm)
White label w. / Orange Peel finish

•   EWR (57 µm)
White label w. / Glossy and matte finish

•   ETR (57 µm)
Transparent label


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