Number Name Visual: Temp. from:
41 Block Milky white -20°
42 Random clear +5°
43 Freeze able clear -20°
44 Homopolymere nature +5°


Toppac only uses materials appropriate for the food industry, therefore all products can be in contact with food. Toppac has four standard types of materials. (see overview)


We have the highest quality demands and expect the same from our suppliers. Our focus on quality is proved by our BRC certificate.


All our products are:

-   100% Leak proof
-   Can be combined with In Mould Label

-   Can be used inmircowave and dichwasher

-   Available with freezer safe material

-   Can be reused


PP is considered one of the most environmentally friendly plastics. PP does not involve any significant impacts on the environment and result in complete combustion only emission of CO2 and water.





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