We only use PP (polypropylene)/PE(polyethylene)because…


1.     It is suitable for food packaging (it contains no dangerous additives)


2.     The commodity for plastic is crude oil. Only 5 % of all oil goes to produce plastic.


3.     When oil is converted to plastic the oil will be used many times and finally it can be converted to create energy and electricity when incinerated, so it creates a Virtuous cycle not a Vicious circle


4.     Plastic Packaging in food plays a major role to reduce food waste. It helps increases the shelf life of the product, Less packaging gets thrown away so helps the reduction in food waste. Therefore, plastic is a fantastic product to use for packaging. It is lighter than other materials so reduce transport weights and helps reduces air pollution on our roads. Think of the alternatives.

            Will this be better with cans, glass, paper with all the chemicals used in

           Manufacturing. Barely….     


5.     All PP/PE is suitable for recycling. All our labels are produced by PP too, which mean that all our waist does not have to be separated. We send all our waste material to

Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S. “From trash to gold”. Info@avl.dk


6.     We are around 7,5 billion people in the world and we will be become even more. We have to start with ourselves:

We need to clean up after ourselves, we need collection schemes in the right places where plastic can be used again.

Not dumped in the sea. Not buried in the ground.  Not dumped in nature at all.


About sustainability.
In Toppac we take responsibility about sustainability.
We take responsibility for the environment and the worlds future. Despite of being a small company we do the best we can to take part of the circular packaging economy.
This includes ensuring that the company’s products are made with plastics packaging that
can be recycled by definition of the EU- Directive 94/62/EC :
“Recycling shall mean the reprocessing in a production process of the waste materials for the original purpose or for other purposes including organic recycling but excluding energy
1. We only use PP. (look at our Recycle statement)
2. We have obtained specification for regenerated material with our raw material supplier. This material is in the moment about 70 % more expensive.
3. Beside the price we have to look at the production flow (if it is possible to produce with a mix material- and how much to mix) Further we have to mix in relationship which comply with Commission Regulation (EU) no 10/2011 of 14. January 2011 on Plastic Material and Articles intended to come into contact with food and amending 5. of June 2018
We have to get several migration tests to be sure we compare with the above
4. We expect this process to be finally implemented in the middle of 2nd. 2019 and we will inform you ongoing how these changes will affect your products.


Tina Hammer

Quality Manger



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